Double subverted, as the Mayor DID get a haircut, too, and takes his question to heart! Dirty Coward: The Mayor. Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Adam and Daisy travel back to in time to the first alien invasion, so they can prevent the harvest of the Earth from ever coming true.

Significant Anagram: In the pilot episode, the names of the fashion designer/victim’s clothing Hermes Replica Handbags lines are anagrams of the names of her lovers. For example, in the bowling episode, Lois insists on being the Replica Valentino Handbags chaperone of the group of kids bowling with Malcolm and Reese Designer Replica Handbags and she even Replica Handbags forces Malcolm to use a kids’ ball.

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They smile at each other and high five. Villainous Valor: Drumlin has his moments. Cleaning Up Romantic Loose Ends Interestingly lampshaded by Dora’s death; she herself comments that it’s better this way, as she would never have gotten past her silliness and stupidity and David would’ve eventually despised Valentino Replica Handbags her for it.

A 2011 issue of the comic book Zatanna had the sorceress (who pronounces the words in her spells backwards) going up against a villain with time reversal powers, that allowed him to negate her spells by having them sound like normal words. Rape as Drama: Pretty much every season has a graphic rape Replica Designer Handbags scene.